Development manager

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    September 2007
  • Training :
    Hautes études commerciales (HEC)
Key phrase
Club Med is the happiness of throwing yourself into a great adventure

The opportunity to work at Club Med came from haphazard meetings and a timetable that allowed me to do an initial internship during my placement year, between my second and third years at HEC.

I am now a Development Manager. Development at Club Med above all covers strategic operations inherent to villages: opening of new villages, renovations in existing villages, sale of villages, refinancing of assets, etc. Over and above my missions which interest me enormously, Club Med is a captivating company which is difficult to leave!

As a young graduate, I am very grateful for the professional prospects offered by Club Med to people starting their careers. Club Med very rapidly showed its trust in me by giving me responsibilities that I would not have had elsewhere. That confidence has allowed me to make rapid progress, learning everyday and reinforcing my experience.

But although it is still too early to appraise my experience at Club Med, I can already say that you can both have a profession that meets your expectations and work in a pleasant setting. In a way, Club Med has proved that you can really flourish professionally and I am pleased to have been made aware of that so early in life!

Finally, the happiness of self-revelation at Club Med means the happiness of throwing yourself into the great adventure, without knowing where it will stop in order to embrace each moment and take advantage of it to the full.